In Joshua 6:1-4 (NLT), two important things stand out: (i) walking around the city and (ii) letting the priests blow the ram’s horn. In this same chapter, God gave the Israelites specific instructions as to when to blow the ram’s horn in the Old Testament.

Thus, taking over Jericho represents what will happen in our dispensation through Christ. Blowing the horn symbolizes grace, announcing what Christ has done. Walking around the city shows faith in action, doing what Christ has accomplished.

According to Heb. 11:33, there are four (4) kinds of unbelief.

1. Unbelief Due To Lack of Exposure: Unbelief can arise due to a lack of exposure to the idea that something is possible. For instance, nobody believed anything good could come from Nazareth. Nathanael needed to be encouraged to “come and see” before he could believe as well. Therefore, for belief to take root, our minds need to be open and exposed to possibilities.

2. Unbelief Due To Dishonor:- The Bible says when Jesus visited His hometown, they didn’t believe God had sent Him. Dishonour for the anointed hinders you from receiving from God. When it comes to taking over cities, prophets are needed. You need the instrumentality of a prophet to do great things; not just the prophet but his anointing too.

3. Unbelief Due To Ignorance:- You can’t take a city without spoken words, i.e. prophecies. We can’t do anything without prophecies. Coming to church is necessary but ensure you get the Word for yourself.

4. Unbelief Due To Laziness:- There’s the “work” dimension of faith. In the Bible, the disciples of Jesus couldn’t heal the sick. They all tried, but they couldn’t. Then, Jesus told them this couldn’t happen but by fasting and prayer, that is, they were too lazy so they couldn’t.


Faith can also be explained in these four(4) different dimensions.

1. Exposure:- You don’t conquer Jericho in the corner of your room. You do it by walking around it. You need to start by learning about what you want for your life. In the Bible, most people God used tremendously were individuals whose experiences spanned across kingdoms. A man like Moses, for instance, could only be the one used to deliver the Israelites because he had exposure to kingdoms. God waited forty years for him. He had the anointing, but he needed the exposure. Most times, the anointing needs a proper head for it to work. God never called a man to ministry who wasn’t working or idle. Continue with that thing which you already know, and when you have the right exposure, God calls. Faith works with exposure! Study around big things too.

2 The Priest:- You need a prophetic push to accomplish great things. Not everyone needs a prophet. Only those with significant destinies require prophets. You don’t need a Moses if you’re not a Joshua preparing for battle. The waters won’t part if the priests don’t step in first. Crossing the Jordan and conquering Jericho requires the presence of the priests for the children of Israel. For every new milestone or journey, a prophet is necessary!

3. The opposite of ignorance in this context is knowledge and understanding of the Word. Get words concerning that which you desire and pray with it. Know what God has said about it.

4. Consistency:- Most people don’t prosper because they are not stable and consistent. There’s something consistency does to you from within. Be consistent with the Word, with attending church, and with the man of God. Start from there. Then, be strictly consistent with your consecration. Faith is not passive, it is active. Faith is what you do with what you believe.

Hebrews 11 speaks of people who have results; who through faith obtained promises. And so, we can follow their footsteps too. We will examine the lives of these individuals one by one;

  1. ABEL: He had results, unlike Cain. The Bible emphasizes the importance of working faith through sacrifice in this story. Two types of giving attract God’s attention: the Fat and the First (Exodus 34:19). Abel’s sacrifice is described as taking the first of his offspring (Genesis 4:4, AMPC). Giving is about the person, not the gift, so it’s crucial to understand what God desires (Proverbs 3:9). Cain gave the substance, but Abel honoured the Lord with his substance.

    For new levels, a sacrifice is necessary. Solomon offered the fat, while Hannah gave the first. God responds not only to giving but also to how it’s given. Through an exceptional sacrifice, the King of Moab won a battle by sacrificing his first son during a battle with the Israelites. Miracles cease when everything is consumed without giving. To sustain miracles, consistent giving is essential.

    1. ENOCH: Next on the faith list was Enoch. Enoch was translated. To be translated is to be transitioned from one level to another. Enoch diligently sought God. He would stay some time with men and then go back to being with God before he was translated. The accounts are found in the book of Jasher. The faith that lifts one is the faith that diligently gives. If you want to rise in life and you can cultivate a relationship with God and stick to it, you definitely will.

    One of the secrets to God’s heart is maintaining a vital, continuous fellowship with God. God cannot entrust into your hands when you’re not consistent with systems. If you can’t maintain an altar, you won’t be able to withstand the burdens that come with what you desire. God doesn’t want you to just do it—whatever you want to do. He wants to do it with you. You want to rise in life? Start with communion with God. You can’t handle a nation without an altar even if the nations have been given unto you. The language some territorial spirits understand is consistency. God needs your attention to tell you some things. To handle great things, you need systems. Look at what you want and create a system around it.

    Many times, God puts us at a place where our service to Him requires a sacrifice, when you respond, He responds. Sharks don’t stay in shallow places, they need depth. There are some angels you can’t encounter without depths. Build that consciousness now. Many deliverances you need is not in that three days dry fasting but in your walk with God. Don’t push your pains away. Break down in prayer to God!

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